The Difference with Selling Nerium

The Difference with Selling Nerium

We thought it would be beneficial to share with you why we jumped at the chance to become Brand Partners and are selling Nerium AD.  Right time, right place is an often over-used cliche, but when you are experiencing it, it is an awesome feeling!  Here’s a short list of why Nerium is different than so many other opportunities out there and why we feel when people understand the whole picture, there is no selling.

Make People Feel Better

The product works!  The 3rd party clinical trials and the continuous flow of amazing before and after pictures were testimony that NeriumAD is a product that is revolutionizing the skincare industry.  We had to have the confidence to go out and share a product that will truly make people, not only look better, but feel better.  The only variable with NeriumAD is whether customers see a 20%, 30%, or 40% improvement!  It should go unsaid that a product in the direct sales industry should work, but too many times, products are bought and sold to support the compensation model, and not because you have TRUE customers that want your product.

Huge Market

Probably the most basic of questions to ask when considering starting a business is, “is there a need?”  Are people spending money on what the product offers and will they continue to spend that money?  The beauty industry is an $85 billion industry and is growing at a rate of $1 billion per month.  Within beauty, there are several segments; skin, fragrance, and color…to name a few.  Skin is the largest segment within beauty and anti-aging is the fastest growing category within skin.

To put this to a simple real world test, answer this next question.  When you walk into a department store, what’s the first thing you see?  You may never thought of it, but you know it, I know it, we all know it.  Almost cartoon-like, glowing to attract every ounce of your attention, is the BEAUTY section .  Why?  Because it brings in more money than all of the other departments combined.

There is a System

Every successful business has a successful business plan.  For example, if we were to open a Subway restaurant, there is a plan laid out for us.  We wouldn’t need a culinary degree, we would just need to execute the plan.  If we consistently followed the plan, we could reasonably expect that we would experience the same success that others before us had achieved.  When we came on board as Brand Partners and started selling Nerium, we invested in a success blueprint.  There was no need to reinvent the wheel, everything we needed to be successful was all laid out for us.  Jeff Olson, our CEO & Founder, has wrote the book on developing successful marketing plans for this industry.

There are primarily 3 activities that Brand Partners do to grow their Nerium business.

1.  Parties – Who doesn’t like to party!?  Parties are fun and such a great way to share with your friends a product they will love.

2.  Sampling – With a product that works, there’s no better way to share this than by letting people experience it for themselves.  Since we receive FREE INVENTORY, which you’ll read about below, there is nothing keeping us from letting everyone we know try it.

3.  Information sharing – Nerium provides an amazing platform to share our product and business through videos and top of the line marketing materials.


In all business, timing is important.  What we saw going on with Nerium was mind-blowing.  Nerium has just celebrated it’s 2 year anniversary.  In it’s first full calendar year, Nerium became the ONLY company to break the $100 million sales mark.  Success leaves clues.  Nerium achieved all this with just ONE product in ONE country.  In it’s second year, Nerium launched it’s 2nd product and will continue to bring more products to it’s product line.  The company is also taking steps to launch the company internationally.


In business, and especially in direct sales, if a company is successful, there will be companies that attempt to come behind and try to duplicate the successful company.  If someone could go elsewhere and see similar results with a product as gentle as NeriumAD, a percentage of our potential customers would do just that.  Nerium’s active ingredient, the NAE-8 antioxidant is patented.  Nerium has the only patented skin antioxidant on the market.  There will never be another company with the NAE-8 extract.  Not only this, but the only place customers can buy are product (within company policy) is through Brand Partners.

This may seem a little dramatic but consider this:  if you had the only aloe field in the world 40 years ago and were able to obtain a patent on all dermal applications utilizing aloe, where would you be today?  Don Smothers, CEO of Natural Technology, Inc., has formulated products for many of the large brand manufacturers.  At the conclusion of the 3rd party clinical trials, he stated, “Although I have formulated thousands of products during my 40+ years in the skincare manufacturing industry, I have never seen a product that delivers results as quickly and effectively as NeriumAD.”

Free Inventory

This may arguably be the one thing that is turning heads throughout the industry.  In any other company, distributors have to continually re-invest in product for their inventory.  I don’t mean that to sound like that’s totally wrong.  It’s simple business.  In any business, you have to spend money to make money.  It’s an investment, but any investment is a risk.  The stock market is a risk.  Buying real estate is a risk.  If you were in another company, and you buy inventory for your business, who’s money is at risk?  Yours!  Nerium has completely turned this model upside down.  When you come on board and become a Brand Partner, you make an investment.  BUT, when you go out and do the activity and sell Nerium, the company sends you FREE inventory, not just once, but for as long as you continue to sell.  This is huge!  I don’t expect this to be fully absorbed at this point so let me use us as an example.  When we came on board, we invested in the Premier Pack, a $1000 investment (there is a smaller $500 option as well).  For that investment, we received 12 bottles to start to build our business.  As we shared the product and brought on customers, Nerium sent us free bottles for each new customer.  We didn’t really invest $1000 for 12 bottles, we invested $1000 for a life-time supply of bottles!  Yes, our money was at risk initially, but now it’s Nerium that is at risk.  We are building our future on Nerium’s dime!


We were also pleasantly surprised to see the philanthropy efforts that Nerium is involved in.  The company’s mission is to Make People Better.  This goes beyonds the reach of their Brand Partners and their customers.  Nerium and Nerium Brand Partners have donated $ to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization.  Not only has the Nerium family made a huge financial commitment to BBBS but many of our fellow Nerium Brand Partners participate as “bigs” in the BBBS program.

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