Nerium Testimonials

Nerium Testimonials

“After just one month of using NeriumAD, I feel so much more confident about my appearance.  My skin has a natural radiancy without using a foundation.  My makeup routine in the morning has been cut in half.  The texture of my skin is so amazing.  Even my friends are telling me that I look younger!”

– Sandra R.


“I did not believe NeriumAD would work, but I trusted my friend who introduced me to it.  Desperate to find something that made me look on the outside the way I feel on the inside, I promised myself I would try it, and faithfully applied it every night.  Within a few weeks, people started to notice the changes before I did.  Since then, my skin has been looking better every day.  This has changed so many aspects in my life.  I can’t tell you how touched and how happy this one product has made me feel.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Nerium!”

– Paul E.


“I used to use face wash, toner, serum, and night cream…Just at night!  Now I simply use one product:  NeriumAD!  It saves me money and time and I see real results on the deep lines around my mouth and the pores on my chin.  When I see old photos of myself where I wasn’t posing with a smile, I always looked like I was frowning.  Now I can feel confident that if someone takes a random picture of me, I don’t look so sad.  What a confidence booster that is.  I am thrilled with the results of this truly great product.  Thank you, Nerium.  Even my jawline appears tighter, and I wasn’t even expecting that!  BONUS!”

– Kris C.


“Nerium has changed my skin in ways I never imagined.  Now my skin is like a smooth canvas;  fewer lines, more even skin tone, and a brightness that I simply didn’t have before Nerium.  My chin looks so much better!  With my 50th birthday less than two months away, I’m so pleased that my skin looks as young as I feel!  Thanks, Nerium.  You have a friend for life.”

– Wendy W.


“About a year ago, my family noticed some discoloration on my back, of which I was totally unaware.  I tried various creams, but nothing worked.  I started using Nerium on my face, neck, and chest.  As an afterthought, I decided to apply Nerium to my back as well, not thinking that it would make much of a difference.  To my surprise, after as little as 10 days, I noticed that the appearance of the discoloration had lightened and my skin texture had improved.  Even my family noticed the difference.  Now after 90 days, it’s hardly noticeable.  I can wear halter tops again and not hesitate to put my hair up.  Now I love my back!”

– Kay M.


“I had given up on looking better before being introduced to NeriumAD.  I had been very sick, but this amazing company became a major part of my healing process and I believe that without this company, I would not have come so far.  Thanks to Nerium, I am on my way to a great new life and incredible confidence.  I have so much gratitude that this gift came my way!”

– Karen D.


“I noticed differences in my skin after three days, but after seven days, I really began to see that the dark circles under my eyes appeared lighter and the creases around my mouth appeared to be less noticeable.  My friends began saying I looked more rested, as well.  I love the tightness of my skin when I apply NeriumAD at night and the smoothness of my skin when I wash it off in the morning.  I am definitely noticing less deep lines and discoloration.  I’m feeling younger, and my face reflects the way I feel.”

– Janet R.


“I am 44-years-old and have always had fairly younger-looking skin, but I have had bags under my eyes since I was young.  I have always wished there was something out there to help me feel better about the way my ace looks.  I have noticed in the last 90 days of using NeriumAD that my skin tone appears much more even and the appearance of the bags under my eyes looks better every day.  I love to look at myself in the mirror now, even without makeup!  I feel more confident and my skin just shines.  I feel beautiful.  Others have noticed that the skin around my eyes appears so much younger, and they want to try NeriumAD to see some real results for themselves.  I got into this business to help people feel better about themselves and feel confident, radiant, and beautiful.  I feel so good about me now that I want the whole world to know about NeriumAD!”

– Sandra H.


“I was introduced to Nerium by a friend who thought I wouldn’t be interested.  But she mentioned it anyway.  I insisted on buying the retail bottle.  Five days later, I got on her website and signed up to be a Brand Partner.  Nerium is the perfect fit for me.  As a busy mom of threes, some days I share it with lots of friends and other days, I don’t have time at all.  NeriumAD has improved my skin, the business has provided a great stream of additional income, and my team has provided laughs, support, friendship, and leadership.  I have gained so much.  What’s not to love?”

– Marti V.


“I thought, ‘What if?’ So I gave the bottle of NeriumAD from my daughter-in-law a try.  I used it on my neck, and my results over three weeks were unbelievable.  Even after that, I couldn’t have imagined the difference it would make in my skin and in my life!  I haven’t felt this good in years!  The Nerium glow is real and the reaction from people is terrific.  The compliments are wonderful.  I’m eternally grateful to NeriumAD!”

– Edie M.


“I have been successful as a salon owner, but 2012 made me begin to doubt what I am offering in this world.  The two of Nerium’s Brand Partners came into my salon three days before Thanksgiving.  With my history in the beauty industry, I was a big skeptic.  So to test NeriumAD, I decided to only use the product on half of my face!  By day seven, I contacted one of the Brand Partners who had come into my salon and told her that I refused to give back her bottle!  My results were visible to the human eye.  The wrinkles in my forehead and my crow’s feet are both noticeably fading.  Three days later, I signed on to be a Preferred Customer.  Then I signed up the very same evening as a Brand Partner.  I hope this will be the spark I needed to feel like I am doing something important.  I ams setting Nerium as the goal to help me along that path!”


– Kellie M.


“My expensive cream was running low and I was due to by a new one.  I saw a Nerium link from a friend and decided to simply give it a try, as she seemed really happy with the product.  As soon as I started using NeriumAD, I began to feel a difference:  my skin felt tighter!  After 80 days of using the product, I have seen and felt amazing results!  My skin appears brighter, tighter, and my lines appear significantly reduced!  I can’t wait to see how much more my skin can improve with Nerium!  I am a believer.”


– Deborah J.