What does NeriumAD do for the skin?

NeriumAD contains age-defying ingredients designed to reduce the appearance of:

• Fine lines and wrinkles

• Discoloration

• Uneven skin texture

• Enlarged pores

• Aging skin


When do I apply NeriumAD?

You can apply NeriumAD anytime you want, but it is a night cream, designed to improve your skin’s appearance as you sleep. You will see the best results from applying NeriumAD on a freshly-washed, damp face just before you go to bed.


Does NeriumAD have an expiration date?

You may have noticed that there’s no expiration date on the NeriumAD bottle or box. Cosmetics are not required to have expiration dates, but it’s good to know the general shelf life. In optimal storage conditions, including a dry, room-temperature environment, NeriumAD lasts two years.


Is NeriumAD approved by the FDA?

Cosmetics do not receive FDA approval. In fact, there isn’t even an FDA department that approves cosmetics. However, please note that no animal testing has ever been used in the development and testing of NeriumAD. Nerium’s skincare product is also gluten free, paraben free and noncomedogenic.


What does Nerium smell like?

NeriumAD utilizes no perfumes, which are usually the most likely cause of breakouts from other products.  Therefore, NeriumAD has a natural botanical smell.  The smell resembles the actual plant smell with a hint of cucumber.


Has NeriumAD been tested for allergic reactions?

Yes. The product has been through extensive dermatological testing.


Is NeriumAD a moisturizer?

While there are ingredients that help moisturize the skin, NeriumAD is not intended to be used as a moisturizer.  It is intended for night time application.


Can I use NeriumAD with other products?

There should be no impact on results, but you may want to test a small area of the skin to see if there is a reaction between the two products.  When using multiple products, always apply thinnest to thickest, and most clear to opaque.


Can I use NeriumAD for acne, rosacea, or any other skin issue?

NeriumAD is a cosmetic and should not be used on problem skin without first testing a small area of the effected area.  NeriumAD is not designed to treal or cure and problem skin issues.  NeriumAD is a cosmetic only.


Are there genetically modified ingredients (GMO) in NeriumAD?

All suppliers are required to provide only non-GMO ingredients.


What happens when I stop using NeriumAD?

NeriumAD is a cosmetic and is not intended to change the skin on a cellular level.  The skin will return to its original condition.  However, just as everyone’s results are variable, the time it takes for the skin to return to it’s original condition will vary.